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Explainability and Robustness Topics

Optional Course Materials

Please optionally watch the video here and read the paper here to understand potential applications of the content of the class to a real-world setting of an autonomous laboratory.

As an optional summer assignment, please optionally study the following papers to get an overview of the related AI research at CS@UTSA:

· S. Jha, SK Jha, P. Lincoln, Nathaniel D. Bastian, A. Velasquez, S. Neema, Dehallucinating Large Language Models Using Formal Methods Guided Iterative Prompting, In IEEE International Conference on Assured Autonomy (ICAA) 2023. (available first week of July)

· S. Singireddy, SK Jha, and R. Ewetz, Adversarial Robustness against Perceptual Attacks, International Workshop on Perception in Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems (PerCPS@CPS), 2023. Available here.

Code and Assignment

There are no programming assignments for this lecture.