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Sunny Raj

PhD Candidate

Sunny Raj is a computer science PhD candidate in the Jha lab. His areas of interest includes machine learning, stochastic computing and multidimensional projections. He joined the PhD program of University of Central Florida in Fall’16 and will graduate in Spring’20. Before joining UCF, he graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Dhanbad with a B. Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering.


Attribution-driven Causal Analysis for Detection of Adversarial Examples

Susmit Jha, Sunny Raj, Steven Fernandes, Sumit Kumar Jha, Somesh Jha, Jalaian Brian, Gunjan Verma and Ananthram Swami
SafeML ICLR 2019 Workshop, Accepted

Duality-Based Nested Controller Synthesis from STL Specifications for Stochastic Linear Systems

S. Jha, S. Raj, S. K. Jha, and N. Shankar
16th International Conference on Formal Modelling and Analysis of Timed Systems (FORMATS),Beijing, China, 2018

Predicting Success in Undergraduate Parallel Programming via Probabilistic Causality Analysis

Sunny Raj and Sumit Kumar Jha
8th NSF/TCPP Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Computing Education (EduPar-18),Vancouver, Canada, 2018

SATYA: Defending against Adversarial Attacks using Statistical Hypothesis Testing

S. Raj, S. K. Jha, L. L. Pullum, and A. Ramanathan
10th International Symposium on Foundations and Practice of Security (FPS 2017), Nancy, France, 2017

In-Memory Execution of Compute Kernels using Flow-based Memristive Crossbar Computing

D. Chakraborty, S. Raj, J. C. Gutierrez, T. Thomas, and S. K. Jha
IEEE International Conference on Rebooting Computing 2017, Washington D.C.

Testing Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems using Fuzzing Features derived from Convolutional Neural Networks

S. Raj, A. Ramanathan, L. L. Pullum, and S. K. Jha
ACM SIGBED International Conference on Embedded Software (EMSOFT), Seoul, South Korea, 2017

Adversarial attacks on computer vision algorithms using natural perturbations

A. Ramanathan, L. L. Pullum, S. Raj, Z. Husein, S. Pattanaik, and S. K. Jha
Tenth International Conference on Contemporary Computing, New Delhi, India, 2017

In-Memory Flow-Based Stochastic Computing on Memristor Crossbars using Bit-Vector Stochastic Streams

Sunny Raj, Dwaipayan Chakraborty,Sumit Kumar Jha
IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE NANO),Pittsburgh, U.S.A, July 2017

A Compact 8-bit Adder Design using In-Memory Memristive Computing: Towards Solving the Feynman Grand Prize Challenge

Dwaipayan Chakraborty, Sunny Raj, Sumit Kumar Jha
13th ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Nanoscale Architecture (NANOARCH 2017)

Statistical Hypothesis Testing using CNN Features for Synthesis of Adversarial Counterexamples to Human and Object Detection Vision Systems

Sunny Raj, Sumit Kumar Jha, Laura L. Pullum and Arvind Ramanathan
Oak Ridge National Technical Report, vol. ORNL/LTR-2017/118. 2017 [Link]

A theorem proving based approach for automatically synthesizing visualizations of flow cytometry data.

Sunny Raj, Faraz Hussain, Zubir Husein, Neslisah Torosdagli, Damla Turgut, Narsingh Deo, Sumanta Pattanaik, Chung-Che Jeff Chang and Sumit Kumar Jha
BMC Bioinformatics Journal Special Issues [Link]